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Mont Tremblant is a large resort and if you are studying it for the first time, thinking of planning your ski vacation on the Internet then there are a few geographical facts to get straight...

We have broken this information down into sections which can be opened and closed simply by clicking the heading of interest...

Accomodation essentially comes in three flavours
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Domain du Village:  There is a High Street that is cobbled and lined with shops and at the bottom there is the large car park and conference centre and at the top there is Place St Bernard which is a Square with lots of Restaurants and bars round it.  Then up a smaller slope to the ski schools and main ski lifts to get you up the mountain.  If you stay in the Village then there is noise of the night life and night time deliveries.  The  High Street is a tough walk with skis and boots so Intrawest have developed a super Village Gondola to get you from one end to the other.  Obviously you have to walk to the Gondola

The Outlying Developments:  Some are further away than others and they all have neighbourhood names like Panache or Domain Nansen.  They are ski-able but quite a walk to the restaurants and nightlife.

Off-Resort:  Then you have the third tier, either in the town or just outside of the Resort.  To stay here you are reliant on shuttle buses provided by the Tremblant Resort Association.  To stay here should be cheaper than everywhere else.

My accomodation solution to you
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From our own stay in Tremblant we stayed in one of the village centre hotels.  We experienced lifting our skis, with children, to the gondolas and messing around with key cards in the communal locker rooms and relying on resort restaurants to feed us every meal.  Half way through our 10 day stay we bought fruit and salad at the supermarket and had a meal as a family round the small dining table wedged in the corner of our hotel suite.  The nights were noisy with trucks and skiers partying, coming from UK our body clocks meant we were wanting to sleep by 8pm local time and be wide awake at 4am. – you get sensitive with jet lag!

My recommended solution to you is to stay in comfortable spacious quality accommodation, with a great kitchen and relaxing sitting room.  Have the private ski locker next to your front door.  Stay in a location where you either ski to the lifts to start your skiing or walk to the gondola along a lit path where you will be whisked over the mountain and straight into the heart of the party in Tremblant Village, opposite Place St Bernard.  Easy access – none of the noise.

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During our stays we have eaten at most of the restaurants within the main resort which range from the burger and fries at Casey’s bar & Grill (under the Marriott) to fine French cuisine at Aux Truffes.  You can eat out every night but too much of a good thing…..  there are good supermarkets in the town of Mont Tremblant which you can drive to or take the Resort bus service to.  They have a wonderful selection of salads, fish and coffee’s which allows you to cook in our fabulous kitchen with granite worktops and modern appliances and quality cutlery & china.  We found that after a while we enjoyed eating at home more than going out as the children can amuse themselves and your own food is usually healthier!

Turn on your fire, play your selection of music from your own hi-fi, relax and surf the Internet, reply to emails without queuing for a free pc in the Internet café.  Use our free wi-fi service and cable TV and phones courtesy of Cogeco.

The Skiing!
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You will read on nearly every website that Mont Tremblant is voted North East America’s top resort year on year, that is with good reason.  No expense has been spared.

The weather provides  excellent snow, it is crisp and dry and although the temperature has a wide variance day by day (+2°c to -30°c within 3 days of my last ski trip).  Unlike European skiing, when it is cold and windy you need really good gloves and a neoprene mask for your nose and mouth but that is well catered for in the various boutiques within the village.

If you stay at our home Tremblant Elysium will collect your ski passes and place it in our home for your arrival.  You do not waste half a day organising and paying for your passes. 

Mountain Stats’ are to be found on the official Mont Tremblant website:

Statistics about the mountain

  • Elevation at the summit: 875 meters / 2871 feet
  • Vertical drop of the south side: 645 meters / 2116 feet
  • Number of trails: 94
  • Longest trail: Nansen (6 km / 3.75 miles)
  • Skiable ground:  631 acres  

Snow conditions statistics

  • Average annual snowfall: 382cm / 150 inches
  • Number of snowguns: 1037

Local weather conditions can be found on our links page

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My skiing solution to you
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Skiing from Versant Soleil gets you to the Mountain top just as quick as skiing from the main village, except here you do not have to queue for 15 minutes to get on the Le Soleil ski-lift which takes you up to the summit and Le Manitou restaurant.

At lunch times you can dine in the main village restaurants but there are large crowds heading there so it is our choice either to eat cheap at the Manitou on the summit or return home down “Toboggan” and “Tapecul” ski runs and glide past the ski lifts and stop on your own front doorstep.

Use the e-Concierge to do your initial grocery shopping for your arrival (they charge 20% on top of your grocery bill).  Then no matter what time you arrive, your fridge will be stocked to your requirements saving even more stress allowing you to focus on skiing.

Loto Quebec, Mont Tremblant casino in Versant Soleil

Behind our property in Étoile du Matin Loto Quebec are constructing a $61m Mont Tremblant Casino.  It is located along a lit path (sidewalk) through landscaped grounds about 70m to the South.

The Casino was going to be a Ludoplex and have relatively few gaming tables when it was first planned for launch in Summer 2008.  The latest news is the Casino will be a more upmarket affair with conference facilities and the construction will continue through a period to it’s new opening date in Summer 2009.  The Casino will be served by a high capacity Gondola (known as the Village to Village Gondola), manufactured by Doppelmayr, running between the main Tremblant Village Resort and Versant Soleil.  The construction of the Gondola is almost complete as at August 2008 (see picture in gallery).  Because the Gondola is partly funded by the Casino the Gondola will open at the same time as the casino – currently Summer 2009.

Étoile du Matin is ideally located and at the present time is the only rental accommodation that is near the Casino.

The official website of Loto Quebec is to be found here

Updates on the progress of the Casino will be posted on our blog.


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